Puppies are among the answer you can hear once you ask other people what animal would you love to have or take care as your companion.

They are cute and adorable. You can compare puppies with newborn babies. Do not take it the wrong way comparing human babies to puppies. There are a lot of common factors or ways that is why you can compare them each.

Here are some of the reason to compare human babies and puppies. Both have no teeth when born. Hey have you seen either of the two have teeth when born?! None right! They cannot open their eyes yet until a few weeks more in short both their senses are not fully develop and they are still dependent to their mothers for everything they need. Both still consume much of their day and night sleeping after even after a few days they are born. They haven’t adjusted yet with their sleeping patter. More likely they do more sleeping than eating. Regarding feeding them both need attention and assisting to be able to eat. New born puppies and human babies can only have milk but after they grow older they can start eating aside having milk. Just like human babies, puppies need to learn how to walk and surely at first both need to learn how to control to walk or move. When you play with a puppy or a human baby they feel you love them. This is also way how you show how you appreciate and love them.

There are still a lot of similarities that you can see between puppies and human babies but do not put in a bad way.

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