Are you planning to have a pet? If you do so what are you planning to have one?

Mostly people want to have kitten so that at an early stage they can train and recognize the one taking care of them and the surroundings or their home. Kittens really look cute and adorable. Each kitten is entitled to all the love and care that he or she deserved just like being a part of the family. Taking care of them is like taking care of a kid. Need to feed them, clean or bath them, a place to sleep or rest, play with them, attain to their health like vaccination and other. Some even dress them up to make them look cute and they sometimes dress them the way they look like.

Watching them play can make you feel relax with the way they play and purr when they are near you. These simple gestures of them can make a person day from negative to a positive outlook. Remember that they show there love to you when their tails are quivering but if their tails starting to thrash better get a distance from them. Playing with yarns is a way of them playing and having a fun time. They love to roll or claw the yarn.

One famous cat where you would love to have one of your own is Puss in Boots especially his character at Shrek the movie. The most adorable part of him is where he makes a cute face where he looks like pleading.