Have you watched movies that have penguins on it or as the main character on it? Kids love those movies especially Happy Feet, Surf’s Up and even all the Madagascar movies the group of penguins in the there are adorable.

Penguins’ looks so adorable; they look like little men that are in a tuxedo. This tuxedo appearance of them is countershading which is a kind of camouflage that help them be safe in water. They eat fish, krill and squid meaning they are carnivores. If other birds used their wings to fly the penguins used their flippers to swim in the water. 75% penguins can spend and lives in the water.

As most of us know most of them live in the Southern Hemisphere they do not live in North Pole. There is the tallest penguin of all species called Emperor Penguin wherein he is 120 cm tall and next is the King Penguin. Even with their names they really are in royalty. But the rarest species of penguin is the yellow eyed penguin.

If you have seen animation movies of penguins you will see how a penguin couple works from a female penguin lay an egg and the male incubate it. The eggs should be always being kept safe and warm.

If you cannot afford to go to Southern Hemisphere and want to see penguin in real you can visit zoos. There penguin that live in zoo are well taken care of. Even it is not a good idea to think a penguin looks like a captive kids love to see them how they play and do their thing every day.


Live video by Animal Planet L!ve