Location: Oregon Zoo

Best viewing hours: 8am – 10pm
Oregon Zoo answers questions on Sloth

Through this camera will track one of the more interesting animals in the wild, sloth is a special animal which resembles a monkey outdoor though he is not.

Sloth is moving slowly but firmly (when he had already decided to move …). He spends most of his time hanging upside down on tree branches. They remained in this position when it is old, food, mates, or inject. It falls from the tree only to switch to another tree (food source) and defecate. On the ground sloth moves at a slow crawl and clumsy.
When the lazy old spherical folded position, with his head resting on his chest, which simulates the termite nest or tangle of leaves and branches.
Sloth are usually quiet life. When they are disturbed they play whistles, shouts and moans weak.
They usually lazy animals Ihidaim, although sometimes you can find a few females on the same tree. Puppies often inherit the territory of their mothers.