Bella Hummingbird Live Cam study Scouting is a family Htzofitiim songbird, fed nectar, and insects and weighs eight grams. There are differences in color between male and female watch animal video live cam & identify hummingbird fly towards sugar water feeder. Male has a black plume feathers, with some orange and yellow on the sides of the chest and another nesting season green feathers. The female has a black tail with downy feathers gray body. Scout’s indoor long, thin, bent down and adapted to pump nectar (with tongue), also narrow nectar from flowers which is deep in the flower. Scout distribution source is Africa hot.

The wide range of ornamental flowers that produce nectar (especially Chinese hibiscus), attracted pairs of scouting, built their nests hanging from the branches of trees in the gardens. Each couple stayed together for at least one season, from mid-February until mid-June (sometimes more). This breeding season, nest, dropping three white eggs with green spots and female incubate the eggs alone for two weeks. While the female incubates the eggs, the male is busy maintaining the territory, with the sound of singing and distinctive warning sounds invade the pursuit of subsistence. After the eggs hatch, both parents feed the chicks for two weeks, until they fly the nest.

During the first week, they feed the nestlings insects rich in protein and the second week they feed them nectar-rich flowers sugars. Hummingbird usually returns to the same nest of eggs even years later. If it was destroyed in the winter it tends to build a new nest in exactly the same place on the same branch. Couple Scouting uses the same nest three nests and breeding offspring of the season from February to June Scout is the only builder Ken depending protected us from snakes and reptiles. This is probably part of our instincts left over from her previous life the rich tropical forests of Africa snakes