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The ant is an insect of the family Formicidae, and there are about 8000 species of ants around the world, most of them live in areas where there is a tropical climate. Rabbi kinds of ants have six legs and two antennae on the head, used for communication, snuff and more. Rabbi kinds of ants have eyes. All the ants have strong jaws relative Magdalene.

Ants live in large colonies, and live in nests they dig them.

Nest has three types of ants – queens and males operate. The queen is female, and the queen was attached to her name because she was the only one who gives birth, so serve her-all the ants build their nest, gather food, protect the nest other insects and more. Multi kinds of ants bite and defensive projection of a drop of acid to the wound, but because they are so small, Akitztn rarely painful. Worldwide there are larger species of ants, their sting hurts.

There are only males during breeding, and like queens, they also have wings to fly sex wedding ceremony with the Queen.

Ant nest was excavated below ground, and is built rooms between them from a complex-shaped holes. There are ants that build Keenan crises stones and twigs off the ground. The nest is built may reach a height of one meter, sometimes with a diameter of up to 3 meters. There are also ports that strike hollow tree trunks or dead, and even ants weave Keenan strings.

Ant Karima bursts young queen lays an egg. Operating nannies maggots, and the great series of them in different rooms in the nest. When lifted want to eat, give it operates food into small pieces which held her mouth. After she grew up raised the maximum size, it is turning, some ants are defenseless, while other species cocoon is in a cocoon.

The ants feed on themselves, mostly from plants. The ants who find the smell of food mark, for the sake of other ants, trails for finding food. The food is not common, but usually all the ports want to drag the food to the nest, so it seems that there is cooperation between them.